GENESIS Hospital and Medical Center is wholly owned and operated by Genesis Hospital Pvt. Ltd, a registered  company located at C-1/130 Janak puri ,West Delhi NEW DELHI India.

GENESIS Hospital will be the recognized leader of innovative, patient-centered healthcare services delivered by committed professionals who promote wellness and quality of life through quality care.
.Our Mission is To promote wellness and enhance productivity by partnering with motivated professionals in providing innovative and world-class healthcare services.

Dr.Devender Gaba (Medical Director)
Dr.Rita Gaba(CEO)
Dr.Shikha Gurnani and Dr.RITA SHARMA (MD-Gynae)
Dr.Sandeep Bajaj(MD-Gynae)
Dr.Anil Arora (MD-Anesth)
Dr.Rajesh Ghai(MD-Med)
Dr.Payal Nindra(MD-Med)
prabhdeep neha (TPA)Manju(Inventary incharge)
Mr.Sachdeva(Accounts officer)
Ms Kiran Arora(vaccination-store incharge)
Ms.Bhawna(OPD-Accounts incharge)
Preferring hospital for you and your family has always been a matter of expectation and assurance. You desire to guarantee the facilities and services needed are accessible; From Doctors to nurses, paramedical to additional support personnel are competent, cooperative and capable of benevolent the excellence of concern that you deserve.

GENESIS Hospital bestows its commitment to you, your health and your kids. For us �You� are important. It is our endeavor to make that sure through our services. Expect your experience with us will be pleasant and hassle-free. GENESIS Hospital  expresses its gratitude to you for selecting us.
It is our honour and privilege to serve you. 

Patient�s Care:

Serving you and caring for your health is our commitment. We strive to offer the best patient care experience. Our commitment to the high-quality service extends not only to your relatives but also to your friends. Hence, we make every effort to generate an environment of care for each individual visiting our hospital.

For inquiry, suggestion and complaint, please call our Guest Services at Ext. 900 or 65426006.
We assure you that we care for you the way you want us to.

Patient Perception Survey:
From registration to discharge, patients will feel the seam-less personalized touch  provided by our staff.

Our nursing-staff will visit you with a Patient Perception Survey Form. Kindly furnish the form and give it back to our Nurse Station or Guest Service Department.
Based on a result of your survey we shall be able to improve our service for you, your family and friends.

For comments, proposal or grievances please call our Guest Service Department at Ext. 900 or 65426006.

Emergency Services:

GENESIS Hospital and Medical Center�s Department of Emergency Medicine provides high-quality care and medicine to patient whose life is critically in danger by ailment or trauma. In addition, our highly trained emergency specialists, experienced, compassionate and caregivers nursing team are readily available to attend the patients promptly.
 Our emergency services complex has special treatment areas for children.

An Experience of Birth

The birth of a baby is one of the most significant milestones for parents, especially for first-timer. Birth of baby is literally a labour of love for the mother, who goes through the pain of childbirth and the father worries for the safety of the spouse and the unborn baby. The would-be mother faces the challenge of childbirth and she takes pleasure in observing the baby for the first time and enjoys being together.

GENESIS Hospital and Medical Center has a state-of-the-art nativity center designed to ensure the emotional and mental wellbeing of the mother, as she concerns for her little one�s corporeal healthiness and of herself as well. It also combines the state-of-the-art amenities of a first-class  ward, the cozy ambience and comfort of a home. It is to let you and your spouse get pleasure from the warm support of your relatives and friends while you await the birth of your newborn.

GENESIS Hospital and Medical Center is equipped with the following:

Genesis is a 55 bedded centre consisting of 20 general pediatric beds, 5 ICU BEDS,10 PEDIATRIC ICU BEDS , 10 nursery beds and 10 maternity beds.
Each room has TV sets and fully stocked washroom accessories.

Nurse Call Bell
A call bell is attached to your bed panel so you can easily call the nursing staff if you need assistance.

Food Service

All meals are specially planned by our dietitians to provide a balanced nutritional intake and to meet your medical requirements. Special diets are also available if you need specific diet control or have special therapeutic needs. To arrange for a consultation with one of our dietitians, call our Clinical Nutrition Department at ext. 920


Meals will be served as follows:
Mid-Morning Snacks-10am
Afternoon Snacks-4pm
Dinner -8pm

Trays will be collected after an hour.

The Genesis Birth Center and NICU are located at the 2nd & 3rd floor of the hospital.

 Two delivery rooms. Each room is equipped with high tech baby warmer that has its own in-built emergency equipment on standby to ensure baby gets all the care needed during the first few critical minutes of his life.
 Facilities for painless delivery
Foetus monitoring systems that keep track of the baby�s health status, the delivery process, and the vital signs of mother. A cesarean-section room that provides further medical support, if necessary.
Recovery room where parents of newborn can relax and enjoy each other�s company with their newborn baby.

Arrival to GENESIS
Ahead of admission to GENESIS Hospital, the expectant mother will undergo an examination to settle on the time of delivery and other check ups. Additional treatment would be provided to support delivery if required on request for an anesthetic; the would-be mother will be moved to the Pre-birthing room(Pre-delivery) where proper monitoring and medication are offered.
 Unlike the clinical and sometimes harried atmosphere in a usual hospital delivery room, the birthing room at the Genesis Center has a soothing HOMELY ambience.

In the nursery, pediatricians will evaluate the condition of your newborn. The NURSERY is equipped with a state-of-the-art baby warmer with in-built emergency equipment on standby to ensure that your baby gets the better care needed during the first few critical minutes of his or her life. Doctors and nurses will monitor your health for about an hour after the deliver of baby. One can use the recovery time to bathe the infant baby and spend some bonding time with him or her.

Once the doctor is confident that the delivery has been successful, both the mother and infant will be moved to their own private room to rest and recuperate with family.



Our nursing staff will guide the mother on newborn baby care and breastfeeding in the NICU-LEVEL-1 Center (nursery) with a viewing room open 24/7. We formulate each mom�s stay a treasured moment at GENESIS Hospital .

Simple Maternal Classes: 

Understanding birthing to parenting

Parenting of their firstborn is one of the most thrilling moments of a couple. GENESIS Hospital�s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Department of Pediatrics helps the expectant couple making the childbirth occasion a blissful and unforgettable. It also offers a series of lectures that will take expectant parents through the birthing process.

Designed and conducted by the OB-GYN and PEDIA team, the lectures are divided into two  sessions. The classes will be conducted every day  in the activity Room no.914 of the hospital . 
The first session undertakes pre-natal care, pre-birth parenting, the stages of labour and delivery, anesthesia and the birthing process itself.
The second session is a discussion on the newborn child, including newborn care, breastfeeding and child immunization.

The Genesis Birth Center and NICU are located at the 2nd & 3rd floor of the hospital.

 For inquiry and registration, please feel free to call us.
Genesis is your HOSPITAL.


The hospital will be  implementing check-out time at 11:00 am. For check-outs after 11:00 am but before 5:00 pm, an additional half-day�s rate will be charged. For check-outs after 5:00 pm, an additional one-day rate will be charged.

The attending physician will complete your discharge order after which the nurse in charge will forward both the discharge order and discharge summary to the Billing Associate.

The Billing Associate will generate your hospital bill. Any discounts will be deducted from the total hospital bill upon submission of complete requirements. The Billing Associate will forward the billing statement to the Cashier, who will advise you when the bill is ready for payment. Upon settlement of the bill, the Cashier will issue a clearance. Give this clearance to the nurse station and to the Guest Service associate or Security guard.


Bills may be settled prior to discharge at the Cashier located at the1st FLOORThe Cashier may be reached at ext. 920/font>
For settlement of financial matters, please proceed to the Business Office located at the upper ground floor-EXT999